About the Shop

Hunter Gatherer is a collection of curated vintage and antique pieces from across the world.

Though the shop isn’t aimed at men only, the aesthetic is largely masculine, and the intention is to expose people to, what we call in the antique world, “smalls” that add a very unique touch to any kind of home décor. As much as men would hang vintage leather boxing gloves in their bars, a set of 18th century polo mallets could add intrigue to an entrance hall, or a library. The pieces in Hunter Gatherer, despite their unique style, could be used as accent pieces in any style home. Beyond being décor pieces, each Hunter Gatherer piece is a true collectors’ item – each with its own history and story.

A visit to Hunter Gatherer transports you into another world, one of apothecaries and drawing rooms, smoky cigar lounges, the creaking of leather on the hunt and bygone eras of gentleman’s clubs.